Alert Pay is a Safe and Secured online Banking System. It is a free to join. 

Alert Pay is online payment service allowing you to send and receive money 

online.You can use this Account many way like- Micro workers, PTC, 

Adf.ly etc to receive money from online. Alert Pay is Online payment service 

which can be withdrawn by bank account, credit/debit card or check.

1. Click here to Create Free Alert Pay/Payza Account  .

2. Then Click Sign up Now

3. Select Personal pro and Click Next Step.

4. Then Fill The Form.

5. Then Click Next Step.

6. Then Click Final Step.

7. Then check your Email .

8. Then Click the Alertpay link to Validate your Email Address.

Now your AlertPay Account has been created.

How to Earn Money With your Alert Pay Referrals link ?

1. Click Earn Money Button.

2. Click Referrals Button.

This is your Referrals link. When someone create alertpay account in your 

referrals link you will earn $10 dollar.
You Must Be follow some condition:

1. Referrals must open an AlertPay Personal Pro or Business account.

2. Referrals must transact $250.00 (sending and/or receiving).

3. After your 10th referral, we will pay you $10.00 USD a referral.

4. Self-referrals, or referrals from the same IP address, will not be paid out.

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