File Upload PPD program is the simplest program allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded. File Upload pays up to $7 per 1000 downloads depend on downloaders location  Earn money from upload your files like- videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles etc.

FileUpload PPD program

How to Earn Money From PPD Program? 

It only takes a couple of minutes to create your free account. 
First Click this link to create an Account.
Once you have created your account, start
Upload files & share with friends. Your account starts generating money immediately, and then you can request payout anytime. You earn 20% earned money from each your referral.

Earn From Pay Per Download (PPD) Program

FileUpload Rewards Program Features :- 
  1. Uploading service up to 10 GB hosting for each file.
  2. Steady servers with huge storage and network speed.
  3. FileUpload counts downloads from file size 1Byte only.
  4. FileUpload pays up to $7 per 1000 downloads depend on downloader location.    
Profit rates for Pay Per Download (PPD) Rewards Program:

Earn From Pay Per Download (PPD) Program

File Upload Rewards Program payments method:-

Earn From Pay Per Download (PPD) Program

Payout via: Paypal, Perfect Money,Payeer, WebMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin etc. 
Minimum payout is : $1.

You can easily earn money from free file hosting service. All you have to do is to Signup on file hosting service, upload files and share with others. When others view your files, your account will start generating money automatically.

Terms & Conditions:- 
  1. Files with no views/downloads will be removed 90 days after you've uploaded it. 
  2. Don't click on your links or ask from any one to do that. 
  3. Any copyrighted or adult material are not allowed.
  4. Do not create multiple account or Fake Account. 

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