Spend online in any currency! Accepted worldwide. Use to make online purchases in any currency. Instant. Get your virtual card through your Airtm account.

Airtm's reloadable virtual card - spend online anywhere.

How to get Airtm Virtual Master Card

Whether you plan to spend abroad with the real exchange rate or manage your money better with dollar savings, Airtm will give you amazing value, speed and technology. Airtm website constantly strive to give you more with Airtm - more for your money, more for your time, which means more out of life.

The Airtm virtual card is:

    Accepted worldwide - Use to make online purchases in any currency, using the real exchange rate, without local restrictions.

    Multiple-use - Create a single-use card, or multiple-use card depending on how you spend.

    Reloadable - Add funds to your card whenever you want (must be verified).

    Simple - No minimum balances or monthly fees.

    Available 24/7 - Our support team is at your service.

How to get a virtual debit card?

    Click on the "Virtual cards" tab in your left side menu.
    Select "Get a card" and follow the steps to purchase.
    Spend online!

How to reload Airtm card?

    Click on the "Virtual cards" tab in your left side menu.
    Click “+” button on card you wish to reload
    Input reload value and click confirm
    Spend online!

For more information visit the Virtual Card FAQ.

When does the card expire?

Multi-use card for verified users:
The card expires six months after it is issued, at the end of the month.

Single-use card for verified uses:
The card expires six years after it is issued, at the end of the month.

Are purchases made on the card refundable?

You will need to have $1USD (for verified users) or $1.25 USD (for unverified users) extra on your card to cover the cost of the transaction fee, otherwise the purchase will be declined.

Note: The per-transaction fee does not apply to the single-use card for verified users.

Multi-use cards for verified users:

Yes, but a $1 refund fee will be deducted from your refund. Even though it’s a single-use card, since your first transaction did not go through, you will still be able to make a subsequent purchase. Your refund will be displayed as "CARD REFUND" on the Activity page. Your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

For single-use cards for verified users:

Yes, if the merchant refunds your purchase, the funds will be sent back to your Airtm account within 2 weeks.

I have money left over on my virtual card. Can I get it back?

Multi-use card for verified users:
To return your card funds to your AirUSD balance. 

Please note:    $2.75 will be taken from your balance to cover the unload fee. It can take up to 3 weeks for the funds to be returned to your AirUSD account. Fees will not be reimbursed.
    You cannot reload a card that has been unloaded.

Single-use card for verified users:
On the Tuesday that is at least 2 weeks after your card was purchased, any remaining balance >$1 USD will be sent back to your Airtm account (regardless of whether you made a purchase, had a decline, or had a refund).

Airtm virtual card Limit and Fees-

Start spending now!

Get your Virtual Card

Use your virtual card anywhere online that accepts Mastercard or Visa. Make purchases anywhere in the world. 

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